August Back To School Sale


Save a lot from your printing expense while you gear up for this school year.

TonerBoss offered a number of discounts and giveaways from previous back-to-school promos but this time, we'll keep it short and simple. Starting 1st of August till end of it, every purchase amounting to $99 and up will be qualified to use a specific discount coupon to get 10% off in their total purchase. Upgrading from 10% to 15% discount is simple enough, just spend at least $150, that's like adding a toner cartridge or two to your cart and you've got a better deal.

Coupon Code for 10% Off, minimum of $99 : TBSC10

Coupon Code for 15% Off, order $150 and up : TBSC15

Even if you don't do the math it's pretty obvious you get more from that 15% discount, right! You can either use it to restock on paper and other printing supplies or maybe grab a coffee to reward yourself from saving big time. We're not saying you can get at least 5 grande size of frap with that discount, but yeah that much.

Well on top of that you also get Free Shipping, and if you make it before 3PM we shipped it same day. That's one irresistible promo, or make it two, so you better take advantage of this. TonerBoss offers hundreds of popular toner cartridges that supports old (but still working) printer models to the latest model units, both inkjet and laserjet. Plus, we are one of the very generous source of low-priced ink and toner cartridges. If you see one with even lower, give us a call and let's see what we can do to offer you an even better price.

We provide quality products and we've got reviews to back us up. Check out our top selling toner cartridges to know what our customers say about our supplies. Now, if you're ready to make a purchase give us a call or use the chatbox at the lower left corner of our page and let's hear how many pieces would you like to order.

Promo ends August 31 2019. For more details you can visit our coupons page: TB Coupons & Deals