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FAQ Troubleshooting

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  • What Will You Do If the Toner or Ink Cartridge Leaked?
    • If you noticed that the toner or ink is leaking from your cartridge, then it is most advisable to stop printing at once.
    • For laser printer users, open the cover where you can access the toner cartridge. Take the cartridge out from its tray and place it on a paper sheet, then check out the insides of the printer if there is any toner powder. Wipe it with a dry clean, lint-free cloth. The usual reason why toner cartridge tends to leak is usually because there is a piece of paper stuck between the drum and the retaining blade. Turn the cartridge over on its back and pull back the drum shutter. When you see a paper stuck in it, the trick is to remove this piece of paper or push it into the waste bin by inserting a corner of the post card between the drum and the retaining blade. Using the corner of the post card, pull the piece of the paper or push it into the waste bin. Never use any sharp object like a knife or it may damage the cartridge component more. If there is no paper stuck in the cartridge or the method didn't work, try cleaning out the laser toner cartridge and the insides of the laser printer by using dry cloth. If these tips didn't work, refer to the last question below.
    • For inkjet printer users, if you noticed ink leaking from your cartridge then stop printing. Take out the ink cartridge then inspect it for some defects. If it is defective, return it to us (refer to the last question below). However if you can't see any defect on the ink cartridge, all you need to do is to clean the electric contacts and the printhead of your ink cartridge with a clean cloth. Most leakage happens for the reason that there is some dry ink stuck in the electric contacts or print head. Upon cleaning these parts as well, the color quality of your printouts will improve.
  • What Will You Do If the Toner or Ink is Unrecognized?
    • For laser printer users, all you need to do is to reset the toner setting of the laser printer you own. The resetting procedures depend on the type of printer you own. To know the setting procedure of your printer, you can visit the website and support page of your printer's manufacturer or you can refer to this page: TonerBoss Blog - Resetting. You can also try to reset the whole printer's setting by first, turning off the printer and unplug the power cord from the rear of the printer then do the same thing on the power source or outlet. Wait for 30 seconds then plug the power cord to the power source and to the rear of the product then turn on the printer again.
    • For inkjet printer users, you can perform a cold reset to your inkjet printer and fix this issue.
      1. Remove the ink cartridge from the machine.
      2. Turn off the printer and unplug the power cord from the wall.
      3. Then let the printer sit without power for at least 5 to 10 minutes.
      4. Plug the power cord to the outlet then restart your printer without the ink cartridges installed.
      5. When the “no cartridge" error message displays, install the ink cartridges by beginning to install the first cartridge that the error was given for.
  • How to Troubleshoot Printer Ink Streaks in Your Pages?
    • Ink streaks usually happens either for the reason that there is an ink leakage (for the solution refer to the first question) or that your inkjet printer needs to be clean. First, turn off the printer and uninstall the ink cartridges. Get a cloth and clean the electric contacts at the cartridge carrier, make sure that there is no ink stain or mark that is left. Once done, clean the print head of each inkjet cartridges. Once done, install the ink cartridges back to your printer and turn on the printer. This process may also improve the printing quality of your inkjet printer. You can also refer to these steps, How to Clean Your Printer.
  • How to Troubleshoot Squeaking or a Grinding Noise?
    • The usual reason for squeaking or grinding noise for both laser printers and inkjet printers is there is a small piece of paper stuck in the insides of the printer. For both printers, open the cartridge tray and check the rollers and the printer's paper feed to check is there is any paper stuck in the middle of it. Once you found it, gently take it out of your printer. Check it out also if there is any loose or broken part if there is no paper stuck inside your printer.
    • If the noise or grinding noise happens to be coming from the cartridge tray or the cartridge carriage, try replacing the printer consumables and resume printing. If the noise stops, the problem is caused by the cartridges. For laser printers with envelope trays, this noise is normal and it is caused by a built-in feature known as Envelope Enhance. This is built into the fuser to help keep the envelope from wrinkling.
  • How to Troubleshoot Error Messages?
    • There are several error messages and the wise thing to do is able to distinguish the type of printer error you're experiencing. If you know what the error is about then you search for the solutions on your printer's manufacturer support page or look for your solution here: TonerBoss Blog - Error Messages.
    • If any of the solutions for the error messages didn't work, it is advisable to contact your printer's manufacturer support center. Take note that if your printer is no longer in warranty, you might pay added fees.
  • How to Troubleshoot Printer Printing Horizontal Lines?
    • The usual causes of these printer errors are: (1) low or empty cartridges, (2) air in the printhead and (3) insufficient automatic printer servicing.
    • For laser printer users and inkjet users, there are several solutions you can do to solve the problem. First is to check the ink level or toner level of your cartridges, there is a great chance that horizontal streaks appear in your printouts because your cartridges are running low on ink or toner powder. If it's already running low, replace them with new ink cartridges and laser toner cartridges. The second solution would be to change the printing quality of your printer; you can do this by adjusting the setup on your desktop printer's setting. The third solution is to clean your laser printer and inkjet printer both the toner cartridge and the cartridge tray or the printhead of the ink cartridge and the electric contact.
  • What to Do When the Printer Produces Smudges on the Paper?
    • For smudges, distorted texts and images, here are the usual solutions on how you can fix these problems in regards with your printouts.
      • (1) Paper Issue - the smudges or distorted texts in your printouts may be a result when the paper is not feed properly in the printer. Take out the paper and replace them again in the tray. Some paper also has different textures that cause the ink to be smudge, replace your paper with other type.
      • (2) Printer Driver Issues - if the printer is printing unreadable texts or strange characters then it's more likely that you are having problem with your printer driver. To fix this, you can download and install the latest and updated drivers for your printer. You can find these on your printer's manufacturer website.
      • (3) Dirty Printer Head or Toner Cartridge - to clean inkjet cartridges print head by wiping it with a clean cloth. You should also clean the electric contact to avoid ink blotches. For laser printers, clean the laser toner cartridges by using a small vacuum or using an air spray to blow the toner powder particles away from the cartridges. These processes will also improve the printing quality of your machine.
      • (4) Hardware Issues - if the problems still persists, your printer might be experiencing a hardware problem then it's time that you should contact the printer's manufacturer to identify the printer's problem and solve it. If your printer's already not in warranty, they may add some fees.
  • What to Do When the Printer Prints Dots on the Paper?
    • If your printer is printing dots or spots, there are several factors why this occurs. If the printouts have spots which are regularly spaced down the page with a large interval between each spots then there is a big probability that there is a scratch, hole or small dent in the surface of the photoreceptor. If your printer's photoreceptor is removable then replace it or the printer cartridges. If it is not removable, then call a service engineer.
    • However, if the pages have spots that have a small interval between each of it there may be a deposit of toner on the fuser. To fix this, turn off the printer and allow the printer fuser to cool off for 15 minutes. Then examine the fuser cleaning pad for encrusted deposits of toner, if there is, then it's time to replace the fuser cleaning pad. If the problem still persists, call the service engineer.
    • If there are random spots in the page then this is perhaps be caused by dirt and spilt excess toner in the printer's components. Remove all the printer consumables and clean the toner cartridges and any reside of the toner powder. Credits to
  • What to Do When the Printer Prints Light?
    • If your inkjet printer and laser printer has been printing lighter prints then you can solve this problem with two solutions. First is to replace it with new printer consumable, the usual case why your printer is already printing light pages is because it is already low on toner or ink. The second solution is to change printer setting, there is a chance that your printer setup is in Eco-Mode which causes it to command the printer to uses the minimal amount of toner or ink, therefore producing light printouts. To change this, just select high-quality or normal from the dropdown menu and start printing again to see the difference. If the problem still persists, then consult your printer's service engineer.
  • What to Do When The Toner or Ink Produces Poor Color Quality?
    • If the cartridges you're using with your printer are neither defective nor damaged, it can be the media guide or the fuser (for laserjets only) or printhead causing the problem.
    • Defective or damaged printer cartridges can be returned to your respective retailer or supplier in exchange for a new replacement. Normally, they shouldn't charge you for requesting a replacement considering the condition of the item you just received.
    • If the media guide causes the problem, you can simply clean it as well as the inner part of the machine. Dirty components may result to ink and toner smearing, faded prints and such similar issues related to poor print quality. However, take note that there are necessary tools required when cleaning printer equipment. There are maintenance kits available which are recommended to use for such purposes.
    • Another possible reason is when the toner or ink level of the currently installed cartridges are extremely low or maybe they're about to reach their end-of-life. These consumables come with a rated page-yield or print capacity which you may refer on the details printed on the packaging of the item to see this information.
    • Brand new cartridges are sometimes kept in the supplies room for long time which may affect the quality of the toner or ink. Either you're using toners or inks; one practical solution you may try is by shaking it and see if the pigment or powder inside the tank is not dry.
  • What to Do When The Printer Produces Faded Prints?
    • Typically it is a cartridge or printhead problem. Also, you may notice that there are times when after installing a new toner or ink cartridge this issue occurs. Then eventually, print quality or fading issues improves after a few prints. You may run cleaning maintenance but you should be aware that running such will eat up much toner/ink during the process.
    • Using inappropriate paper or media type is also a factor to be considered. Are you aware that most printer papers have printing and non-printing sides? Here's a hint, try to feel both sides of the sheet, the one with smoother surface is usually the side where you should print. Be careful when loading paper supplies into the input tray to avoid such problem.
    • Again, as mentioned with other similar issues, when print qualities are unacceptable always check the level of inks and toners of each cartridge.
  • What to Do When The Toner or Ink Has a Broken Seal/Strip?
    • Normally, users returned the items if seals and tapes of the packaging are either broken or not present. OEM or remanufactured as long as it's new, should be wrapped with sealing tapes and packed in a box. In case you received an item with broken seal/strip, immediately call or contact your retailer to see what they can do with your purchased. Initially, they would suggest you first try the cartridge on your printer and see if there's no problem with it, thus avoiding hassle of waiting for replacement.
    • Transporting or shipping the item could have caused the seals to lose intact. Hence it doesn't always mean that the cartridge you bought is expired or already opened/used.
  • What to Do When You Received Incorrect Items from Us?
    • If in case the item you received is incorrect or incompatible to your printer model, just dial the number provided on our website or send an email to our support desk. To avoid such problems, we recommend you to take note of the right cartridge model or printer supply you need before requesting an order. There's no issue with returning an item, however we follow strict rules and regulations for products returns. We may give special considerations but we remind everyone to please be careful every time you make a purchase. If it's our fault, we guarantee replacements for incorrect items our customers received.
  • What to Do When The Toner or Ink Doesn't Fit?
    • Are you sure you have purchased the right model of ink/toner cartridges? You shouldn't encounter this problem unless the printer and cartridge are both compatible. Remanufactured toners and inks don't differ with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) in terms of built, size and shape. If in case there are instances that the cartridge doesn't fit on its slot/tray even if it's exactly compatible with the printer, check the item for any dents or broken parts. Also, you may have forgotten to remove the sealing tapes from the cartridge causing it not to fit properly.
  • What to Do When The Printer Prints Black Only?
    • Check if the color cartridges are not empty. Some printer models are capable of printing even if the three other cartridges have low toner/ink level except for black. Monitor the status of your machine's consumables as often as possible.
    • Is Gray-Scale printing enabled? Toggle your printer's settings, go to properties and locate the tab where you can disable "Print In Grayscale" option.
    • HP printers, especially those high-end models include a selection button for making color or black&white copies and prints. Just press whichever you may prefer to either print in color or mono.
    • OS compatibility issues may lead to such error. Try uninstalling the driver of the printer and re-install it again to determine if it's a driver related issue. Also try updating it to the latest driver version which you may find from the manufacturers website.
    • Presetting the unit to print only in black and white may differ depending on the brand of machine you're using
  • What to Do When You Received a Toner or Ink with a Missing Chip?
    • For someone who doesn't know what exactly a cartridge chip looks like, how can you determine if it's missing or not? Normally, if you install a replacement and the printer can't read it as a new cartridge then that could be a hint. This size and appearance of cartridge chips vary depending on its model and make.
    • If you're wondering what this tiny component serves for, well primarily it communicates with the print-head, use to detect ink/toner levels and prevents the cartridge from being refilled.
    • If the chip is missing, you won't be able to use the item properly or it's possible that it wouldn't function at all. You may replace it, but it is not recommended due to the risks. Actually we never promote it as it can damage your machine.
    • Remanufactured replacements, although they're not branded, the memory/sensory chip installed in them are fully operational. Users don't have to reset their printer in order to use such supplies. However, drum units when replaced, resetting the drum counter is a required task.
  • What to Do When You Experience Paper Jam?
    • It is one of the common issues any printer user may encounter. There are several reasons and factors behind this problem and it's certainly inevitable when using a printer. You can manually fix it but be sure you are familiar with the components and basic parts of the unit as you will have to disassemble it.
    • Note: Do not force it to get out as you will only cause it to tear into smaller pieces which will only make the problem worst.
    • Before disassembling the unit, make sure it's turn OFF and let the electrostatic charges wear off. Open the front cover and pull out the consumables inside. Remove the paper trays or any loaded media from it. Once the stuck sheet is visible enough to manually remove, gently pull it out by grabbing with your both hands from a nice edge where you can grip it.
    • Rotate the gears from the paper feed if necessary or you feel the stuck paper won't come out easily. Check inside the unit for any residual sheets or fibers that may lead again to paper jam. Clear the affected area by using a compressed air if there's any available.
    • Install the components you remove back into the printer and make sure they're securely and properly reseated.
  • What to Do When the Printer Only Prints Half the Page?
    • This problem may occur through the following reasons; right after aligning the cartridges after installation, using incorrect size of media and print settings, outdated drivers and incompatible OS.
    • Solutions you can try are as follows:
      • Restart the printer by removing the USB cable from the host computer and port of the machine. Then, turn it off and unplug from its power source. Wait for a like a minute or so before plugging it back from the outlet and turning it on.
      • Cancel all the print tasks in queue and load some sheets on the printer's input tray. Now run a self-test page by pressing both the Power and Cancel button at the same time. If it doesn't work try the Cancel and Copy button combination instead.
      • You may also run test-page printing via Control Panel. Open the Printer folder, click Properties, go to General and click/run Print Test Page.
  • What to Do When You Received Broken Products from Us?
    • If ever you received a broken product from us, either ink cartridge, laser toner cartridge or any printer supplies. We offer a One-Year Warranty, Refund Policy and Return Policy to our valued customers. To know more about the details in regard of these three, you can click this link: TonerBoss ONE YEAR Warranty.
    • You can simply send it back to us by giving us a call through the numbers provided on top of our page. Our customer service representative will be glad to assist you on every concern regarding product returns.
    • Just be sure that item was damaged or broken during shipping and not because someone who received the item accidentally broke it. Although we assure everyone, especially our valued customers that our product's packaging and shipping process ensures the safety of the item you ordered.
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