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Hewlett-Packard Troubleshooting Tips

HP PhotoSmart C7280 Wireless AIO Does Not Display Ink Levels

HP printers, just like any other models, makes and brands are not exempted to failures and problems with regards to its print-quality, consumables and components. The HP PhotoSmart C7280 is an inkjet printer that uses HP-02 ink cartridges which mainly consist of black, cyan, magenta and yellow inks.

If your printer is not displaying the ink levels of the currently installed cartridges, well don’t blame the consumables since it is a machine defect. Generally, whether you use a genuine (OEM) or a remanufactured cartridge, it doesn’t matter. Displaying the ink level is a built-in function of a printer. Hence if you have problems with it troubleshoot the machine and not the inks.

Quick Solution:

Your best solution to fix this problem is by resetting the printer. Read the steps below as your guide: Unplug the unit from its outlet source and remove the power cable as well. (Although it is not necessary to do the latter, we recommend doing so).

Return the power cable but don’t turn it ON yet. Press the number ( ) key followed by the sharp sign ( ), hold them while plugging the printer back to the outlet.

The printer should reset and follow up instructions will be displayed from the screen afterwards. Just follow them by reading through the LCD from the machine’s control panel to complete the start-up routine.

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Lexmark Troubleshooting Tips

Lexmark Start-Up Troubleshooting

Error Message: Out of Original Lexmark Ink

From the dialog box or error message that appears on your screen, click learn more to see the available options. Then simply check the square box which indicates “Do not show this message again”. Another prompt will pop up, just close it, and then click the close tab from the dialog box with the error.

Error Message: Cartridge Alignment

  • Run the cartridge alignment test and follow the on-screen instructions to execute the program.
  • Load some paper sheets on the input tray before you click print.
  • Wait until the printer sends out a printed page with the alignment result.
  • Place the output onto the machine’s scanner and press the scan button from the control panel.
  • A pop-up message should appear indicating “Automatic Alignment Success” and then just close it.

Note: Do not skip the last step as it very important. Disregarding it will let your printer ask to repeat the alignment test again.

Error Message: Automatic Alignment Problem

This means that proper alignment could not be executed. It could be that the protective tape was not removed on the cartridge. Or, you may try clicking the button and see if the printer executes the automatic alignment.

Error Message: Reserve Tank

From the dialog box, check the square box which indicates “Do not show this message again”, and then click continue printing. Just the prompt that says “Don’t throw it away”.

Error Message: Ink Level Empty

Due to the printer’s program feature, it reads the level of ink according to a standard programming algorithm. However, they’re just near empty and not totally empty, thus you can still keep printing. Although there will be print quality issues you may encounter with low-ink cartridges. This error message can be ignored which allows the unit to continue operation.

Cartridge Error: 1102, 1203, 1204 and 120F

  • Remove the ink cartridges inside the printer, close the cover and turn the unit OFF.
  • Unplug the unit from its outlet and reconnect it back after a few minutes. (This is to partially reset the printer)
  • Turn the unit ON and re-install the cartridges back to their slot.

Note: If the error reappears, re-install the ink cartridges one at a time to see if any of them is faulty or not.

Print Error: Incorrect Characters

Disable the Hex Trace mode of the printer. To check if it’s set enabled or not, check the LCD and see if you can find something that indicates “Ready Hex”. Simply turn the printer off, then back on to disable the said mode.

Printer Error: Unit halts from printing

Check if you have selected the right printer model every time you print. To avoid this problem, set a default printer for any specific document or computer that you will use.

Unplug the USB cable, restart the printer and then reconnect the cable. Also, check the other ports such Serial, Parallel and Ethernet if they’re working properly.

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Canon Troubleshooting Tips

Canon Cartridge Troubleshooting Guide for PIXMA IP and MP Series Printers

This guide works with the following printer models such IP1600, IP1700, IP1800, MP150, MP160, MP170 and MP180.

To perform ink cartridge installation you may refer on the user’s guide that came with the printer.

After all the empty ink cartridges were replaced, run a test page or just print a sample page to see if the newly installed inks have no problem. It’s also a method typically use to determine if the installation was performed properly.

Check the printed result, does it contained misaligned lines or are there any print-quality issues found on the print out? If yes, run the print head alignment as an initial solution to get rid of misaligned prints. Again, refer on the user’s guide to carry out the process.

To continue printing with low ink level, refer on the guide below.

Does the yellow light flashes consecutively? Well there are many possible reasons behind this such as USB connection, paper jam, print head problem and of course low ink level. If your case is related to inks we can perform a bypass procedure to allow the printer to continue printing while disregarding the ink detection.

Print a sample page and once the printer notifies you with low ink level, just click OK to continue. If the unit starts printing and the yellow LED indicator still flashes, press the resume button from the printer’s control panel, and hold it for at least 5 seconds.

If the unit prompts a cancel printing option, do not click it. Just press and hold the resume button which is found from its upper left side. Hold it down until the yellow light disappears and the green LED indicator turns ON.

The printer should start printing if you were successful to bypass the ink level detection. It will neither damage nor turn your printer obsolete, as it is a normal process that most users perform when using alternative cartridges with their printer. The processes provided above were actually devised for remanufactured ink cartridges that do not display ink levels correctly.

To perform Nozzle Check and Cartridge Alignment, follow these directions:

Open printer properties through either the Control Panel or from the icon on the system tray. Click Property tab, followed by selecting the Maintenance tab.

From the listed options choose Nozzle Check or Cartridge Alignment, whichever you want to carry out.

The Trick to Deactivate Ink Level Detection in Canon Printers

When using alternative printer consumables such as remanufactured or recycled ink cartridges, to allow it to work perfectly with your unit, sometimes you have to deactivate its ink level feature. Although it is not necessary to do this every time you install a cartridge.

The ink level of a cartridge is basically detected through a memory chip embedded on the item. Once you install a replacement, the printer’s ink level detection function should read it as a new one. However, there are cases when the unit won’t be able to correctly determine the ink due to the fact that the initially replaced cartridge is not an OEM.

Below are the methods you can use to disable or deactivate ink level detection.

Method 1: Press the Resume or Cancel button once when the “low ink” error message appears.

Method 2: If simply pressing the Resume or Cancel button won’t work, try holding it down for more than 5 seconds.

Method 3: Determine the ink color causing the error. Press the Start button followed by selecting either the Color or Black button, depending on what the error message stated.

Method 4: Does the three aforementioned suggestions doesn't work? Here’s another one for you try out. Press and hold the Stop or Reset button for exactly 5 seconds and wait for the printer to response.
If any of the suggested solutions above worked, there are things that would probably come after the procedure. Additionally, you should take note that you should if the cartridge is just running low on inks, and not actually empty. A cartridge that totally runs out of ink is a different circumstance and deactivating the ink level detection won’t help.

After the deactivation takes effect, some printers particularly those in line with PIXMA MX Series are unable to resume printing fax documents. To fix this, users will have to access the Memory Reference of the unit through the menu. Follow the steps provided below:

  • Press the Menu button consecutively until the Fax Setting is highlighted.
  • Then select RX Setting from the list by pressing OK.
  • Enable the Auto Print RX option by setting it ON, and then press OK.
  • Also set the Print When No Ink option to ON follow by pressing the OK button.

Fix for Canon 210, 210XL, 211, 211XL Start-Up Cartridge Error

To those who have been using remanufactured ink cartridges for their Canon PIXMA inkjet printers. Here’s a very short way to force your machine to continue printing when start-up cartridge error occurs. Basically, it’s a method use by many, right after they installed a new replacement on their printers when they experience error code “E”.

Before you continue with the solution below, make sure the cartridge you just installed is neither damaged nor faulty. To determine, try installing another one on the same slot which the error message indicates where the problem is. Then check if the error has been fixed. If it still persists, refer on the suggestions below.

Immediately after installing a new ink cartridge replacement, open a document and try to print a copy. There’s no need to restart the unit right after closing its front cover, just a few seconds will be enough to let it initialize and read the new replacement. Hence, you can make a test print to see if there are any errors or problems with the item you purchased, or maybe with the way you installed the cartridge.

Check the quality of the print out and see if there are streaks, lines or is it unsatisfactory. If so, run the print head alignment to fix those issues related to print quality.

If there’s an error prompt that prevents you from printing due to low level of inks, there should be an option for you to either continue or cancel printing. Choose continue to see if the unit will allow the print tasks to carry on.

If the printer halt from printing even after clicking continue, and second prompt appears or the first error message reappears. Do not click Cancel, and instead press and hold the Stop/Reset button from the control panel for more than 5 seconds or until the unit starts again from printing.

Note: This troubleshooting procedure is only applicable for Canon inkjet printers that are using Canon 210, 210XL, 211 and 211XL ink cartridges. If your machine does not support any of the said models, you may still try performing it but please be reminded that we are not liable for any damage or malfunction caused by trying this with unsupported printers.