Worry-Free Printing with Tonerboss Products

Tonerboss guarantees that all its products will satisfy the printing needs of its customers. Armed with this confidence, Tonerboss provides a lifetime warranty for all its own premium compatible toner cartridges and printer supplies products.

In the event that a replacement is necessary, Tonerboss has a clearly stated return policy and an easy-to-fill RMA form to facilitate the replacement.

A 90-day money back guarantee covers problems on the order. The corresponding issuance of refund will be made within 3 business days upon receipt of the item in our warehouse. For replacements, Tonerboss will gladly send the new cartridge/product on the same day.

The <30% rule applies for both warranty and return policies which states that the product must have more than 70% of its content; otherwise a prorated credit shall be given.

Tonerboss' premium compatible ink and toner cartridges are warranted not to damage the print head or a printing mechanism or component when stored, installed and used in accordance with the recommended procedures of the product manufacturer or the equipment manufacturer's recommended procedures.

In the event of any damage to a printing mechanism or component caused solely and directly by the use of this product, the manufacturer will pay the reasonable cost of service and repair, provided the buyer:
(1) Notifies us of such damage in writing within thirty days and;
(2) delivers a written service report, signed by authorized technical service personnel, identifying the supply product as the sole and direct cause of such damage, along with print samples and damaged or replaced parts.

Tonerboss accepts no responsibility for damage to the equipment printing components due to lack of routine and proper service, maintenance or cleaning of the equipment, including the replacement of equipment components at the end of their rated lives, as recommended by the equipment manufacturer.